About Us

Harlem Hip-Hop Tours (H3 Tours) is the leader in hip-hop “edutainment,” specializing in tours of Harlem and New York City’s hip-hop industry.


H3 Tours was founded in 2005 by Adrienne Smith and Shannon White, both graduates of Columbia Business School, and perpetual students of travel and multicultural endeavors. Their purpose in starting H3 Tours was to use the world of hip-hop to both educate and entertain people from around the world, in an effort to promote cross-cultural experiences and understanding.


Catering to both small and large groups, H3 Tours, affords guests with the opportunity to not just watch hip-hop, but BE hip-hop.


Meet the rest of the Harlem Hip-Hop Tours TEAM!



Adrienne Smith, Co-founder & CEO


Jocelyn Rudd, Tour Leader & Manager


Barak Yalad, Tour Leader


Heaven Ward, Dance Instructor


Chris Shum, Tour Leader & Dance Instructor


Stephen Pyo, Tour Leader & Dance Instructor


Ryan Armstrong, Tour Leader & Dance Instructor